Learn about the penalty for facilitating access to health insurance services without right


The Comprehensive Social Health Insurance Law stipulates, in Article (62), that anyone who prevents employees of the Authority who have the capacity of the judicial seizure from entering the Authority shall be punished with imprisonment for a period of no less than six months and a fine of not less than twenty thousand pounds and not exceeding one hundred thousand pounds or one of these two penalties. The workplace or they could not see the records, notebooks, documents and papers required for the implementation of this law, or they deliberately gave wrong information Failure to fulfill the authority’s dues.

According to Article 63, every worker in the authority, or one of the doctors, pharmacists, medical staff, or others who contracted with it from among the doctors, pharmacists, medical team or others who facilitated the insured, or For others to whom the authority finances the provision of medical care to obtain medicines, services or prosthetic devices without a right or the medical assets do not require disbursement to him according to what the specialized committees see in this based on medical protocols.

The same penalty shall be inflicted on whoever dispensed compensatory drugs or equipment to him, then disposes of them to another in return, as well as the one who mediated in that, if he knew that it was spent based on the comprehensive social health insurance system, and in all cases the court shall rule to confiscate medicines or compensatory devices in favor of the authority Or refund its value in the event of its damage or loss.


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