Learn about the strange request that a wife made of her husband on the morning of the wedding


The wedding ceremony is one of the first steps for stability and building a common life between both men and women, because they become partners in a single home and life, and none of them can be alone in any decision for themselves, and discussion and participation in all issues must be done with great wisdom and impartiality.

A wife asks her husband to ask for a stranger on the morning of the wedding

It is also mentioned that the 23-year-old did not congratulate his marriage, since since the morning of his first day with his wife he was exposed to a very strange situation, after the bride asked her mother to come to live with her because she is unable to live outside her mother’s house and far away. about her.

The young man confirmed that, throughout the engagement period, she always told him that her relationship was intense with her mother, but he believed that it was a normal relationship between the mother and her daughter, just like many daughters, who have a strong relationship with their mother, and it is a special love relationship that no person can control in her destiny.

Also, the wife asked her husband before the wedding that her mother would visit her at home one or two days a week, and the groom agreed to that request and that he never prevented her from visiting her mother. You come and live with them in the same house.


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