Learn about true love in the life of the late Faten Hamama “Not Omar Sharif”


Since the days of the anniversary of the death of the late great artist Faten Hamama, she had previously married the late artist Omar Sharif before, and many rumors spread about their relationship after their separation together.

Samira Abdel Aziz declares true love in Faten Hamamas life:

Samira Abdel Aziz, a friend of the late actress Samira Abdel Aziz, confirmed that the lady of the Arab screen was very attached to her husband, Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab, and more than once revealed to her that she knew the meaning of love and the value of a man and a husband after her marriage to Abdel-Wahhab.

Samira Abdel Aziz added that Faten Hamama loved her husband, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab, and did not accept anyone speaking before him about her ex-husband, artist Omar Sharif, because of her deep respect for her new life partner.

Samira Abdel Aziz confirmed that her friend, the late artist, Lady of the Arab Screen, Faten Hamama, refused to write a work on her biography, because she did not have many exciting secrets to be shown on the screen, and added that the Lady of the Arab Screen refused to write a series about her life.

This is when my husband, the writer Mahfouz Abdel-Rahman, showed her that. She told him you have presented a wonderful work on Umm Kulthum because she has a life full of events. As for me, I only own my films.


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