Learn how menstruation can really help you lose weight and burn calories


Health experts say that there is no clear evidence confirming that women can burn more calories during the period of their menstrual cycle, as this matter is affected by several factors such as age, daily activities practiced by each woman separately, and the diet followed, according to the website.insider“.

For her part, Professor of Health Judia Horton at Georgetown University, based in Washington, DC, says that there is no confirmation that women burn more calories during their menstrual period. Some women may burn calories during their menstrual cycle, but it may not happen with others.

And a study conducted in 2015 indicated that if women experience weight gain, it is just before their menstrual period and not during menstruation.

Horton stresses the importance of exercise for women before and during the menstrual period, explaining also that there is no evidence that it helps to burn more calories. Exercise has several benefits, especially before the menstrual period, as it relieves cramps, water retention and the flow of the chemical “endorphin”. Secreted by the brain and help to increase the feeling of satisfaction and well-being during the menstrual cycle.

While the American gynecologist, Alyssa Dweck, indicates that there are studies indicating that women can burn more calories two weeks before the start of menstruation, that is, the period between ovulation and the beginning of the menstrual cycle, known as the “luteal” phase.

Dweck explains that it is logical for women to burn more calories during the luteal phase, especially when the estrogen hormone is high, adding: “The lack of estrogen levels has been linked to issues of metabolism and obesity in women in menopause, which reduces the rate of burning at this age. The increase in estrogen could be linked to a higher rate of burning calories in the body..


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