Lina Ahmed Al-Fishawi in bold clothes that arouse criticism of her followers: Aouza defamation (photos)


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Lina El-Fishawy

New photos shared by Lina Ahmed Al-Fishawi, her followers, through her account on the “Instagram” photo and video exchange application, during her celebration of the New Year.

The appearance of “Lina” in the pictures came with a bold look, as she wore open clothes from the chest area, and that was during the new year.

Her followers interacted with her in commenting to her between congratulating her on the New Year: “Every year and you are good .. beautiful .. Our Lord protects you always.” And between also the attack of some of those who follow her: “Ask forgiveness of our Lord .. You want to be defamed.”

Lawsuits between Ahmed Al-Fishawi and Lina

It is noteworthy that a number of lawsuits between Ahmed al-Fishawi and his ex-wife Hind al-Hinnawi, the latest development of which was the refusal of the family court in al-Khalifeh, the case filed by Lina al-Fishawi’s defense, to oblige her father to pay school fees.

And it was also before that, specifically in October of last year, that the family court in ancient Egypt, the artist Ahmed El-Fishawy, was obliged to increase his daughter’s alimony expenses to 20 thousand pounds.

In November last year, the Al-Khalifa family court decided to accept the grievance submitted by Hind Al-Hinnawi, and ruled to cancel the decision to prevent her daughter, “Lina” from travel and monitor access, which was previously issued in favor of her father, “Ahmed Al-Fishawi.”

The ruling in Case No. 1183 of 2019, the family of the Caliph, included the cancellation of the travel ban, considering it as if it did not exist, and canceling all its consequences.


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