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Lina Hawarna talking about "Bride of Beirut" And...

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The Syrian actress, Lina Hawarneh, said in an interview with Erm News that she is following the reactions to the series “The Bride of Beirut”, which was admired by its followers. And about the criticisms presented

Source: Erm News – Damascus

The Syrian artist said لینا حوارنة In an interview with Erm News, she is following the reactions about the series “Bride of Beirut,” which was admired by its followers.

Regarding the criticism that the work has been subjected to that it is not a good copy of “The Bride of Istanbul,” and that it does not bear all this number of episodes, Hawarneh said even if it was a copy of it, but it came with an Arab spirit, and an integrated series far from dubbed works.

The Syrian actress praised the joint drama that has artistic value, which is the reason for the public’s love for such works.

She also revealed her participation in the social police work “Respond My Heart” directed by Ammar Tamim, showing the details of her personality, which is exposed to many situations, especially the killing of her son on his wedding night until the moment the criminal was discovered.

The artist, Hawarna, indicated that she will participate in the series “Prokar 2” with director Mohamed Zuhair Rajab, and the series “Dafa” with director Sami Janadi.

Regarding the reason for the lack of her work in recent years, she said that the reason is due to her travel and work in the series “Bride of Beirut”, confirming that she will return to her usual activity.

She talked about the Syrian drama and its reality, saying that it resembles the reality of the Syrians and is tired, and needs a lot of efforts to restore its shine.


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