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Ali Maher, the technical director of the Al-Masry team, tries to overcome the trap of Hamada Sidky, the technical director of the Military Production Club, when the two teams meet at the Burj Al Arab stadium in Alexandria. A strong meeting in the tenth round of the Egyptian League competition, and it was decided that it will be at 5 pm according to the timing of Egypt. Because of the decline in results, although he does not have enough tools to enable him to win because he is one of the great coaches in the Egyptian League.

Watch the Egyptian match and El Entag El Harby

Al-Masry Al-Borseidi ranked fifth with 13 points, and puts in his calculations the necessity of winning only, so Ali Maher will play by forming his attack led by the duo Mohamed Antar and Ahmed Rifat in light of the brilliance they presented. He appeared in the past rounds that contributed to the 3-1 victory over the Tigris Valley last week, even if Omar Kamal Abdel Wahid, the Joker on whom Ali Maher relies, is in more than one position within Al-Masry Al-Masry. Port Said this season.

Live broadcast of the Egyptian match and El Entag El Harby

While Hamada Sidqi tries to deal with the crisis that afflicted the team, by standing in front of the army’s vanguard with three points and standing at 5 points in the last place of the local competition ranking, so this position will be a lifeline and Sidqi will. They fought through it to come out with a positive result according to the experiences of Bassem Morsi in the offensive line and Moaz. Al-Hinnawi and Mohamed Abdel Fattah Taha are in the line of defense.

The date of the Egyptian match and the war production

The Military Production Club seeks to correct the mistakes of the beginnings after boycotting the deals during the winter transfer period, and thus the team seats have become too weak to be relied upon in this long season, and from here Hamada Sidqi will play narrowing spaces and converging lines in order to surpass the last place in light of violent conflict With the Wadi Degla team, the Arab Contractors, the forefront of the army, and the Ismaili team to stay in the Egyptian league, which has become on a hot plate, whether at the bottom or top, between Al-Ahly, Zamalek and El Gouna.

Al-Masry Al-Borsaidi ranks fifth in the Egyptian League table and has 13 points, collected from 8 matches, won 3 times, drew 4, suffered one defeat, and has a postponed match from the ninth round in the lead. Ceramica Cleopatra.

The match between Al-Masry Al-Borseadi and El-Entag El Harby is broadcast live on On Time Sports 1 with the voice of Egyptian sports commentator Mohamed El Kawalini

On the other hand, El Entag El Harby is at the bottom of the Egyptian League table with 5 points, collected from 8 matches.

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