Liverpool falls at home for the first time in 1,369 days


Liverpool continued its reeling in the Premier League title race after falling into the trap of losing its home back to Burnley on Thursday at Anfield, in the eighteenth round of the competition.

And Liverpool stuck at 34 points in fourth place, six points behind Manchester United, leaders of the table, and the difference with the first-placed owner may widen to seven points if Manchester City wins in their postponed match.

The Reds failed to achieve any victory since they beat Chrisal Palace (0-7) on December 19, before then leveling with West Bromwich, Newcastle and Manchester United and losing to Southampton and Burnley.

And that became the first time that Liverpool lost at home at “Anfield” in the English Premier League more than three years ago (nearly 3 years and 9 months), and specifically, 1369 days ago.

Liverpool’s last previous loss was at Anfield in the Premier League competition at the hands of Crystal Palace on April 23, 2017, with a score of 1-2 during the 2016/2017 season.

Liverpool then maintained its unbeaten record in 68 consecutive Premier League matches at home, achieving 55 wins and 13 draws, until the team’s defeat against Burnley came on Thursday evening January 21, 2021.

And after Liverpool’s record of not losing at home in the Premier League was stopped at 68 games, that series became the second longest in the history of the tournament, leaving Chelseas record standing still after keeping his record unbeaten at home in 86 games.

Chelsea maintained its record free of defeats at Stamford Bridge during 86 matches in the English Premier League, specifically during the period from February 21, 2004 to October 26, 2008, thanks to the historic coach of the Blues, Jose Mourinho.

List of longest unbeaten home streak in Premier League history:

86 matches – Chelsea (2004 to 2008)

68 games – Liverpool (2017 to 2021)

63 games – Liverpool (1978 to 1980)


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