Lucky in the presence of Shadia .. Angham publishes a picture with the great star on her birthday


The lucky one who lived the beautiful art time, and doubly lucky for the neighboring stars who lived in this time as well, except that the star Angham is one of the lucky ones of the three, she is next to these stars, but the big star Shadia attended her birthday as a child which is great for her, which is the picture Which was published by Angham in conjunction with the departure of the able artist Shadia, and we are republishing the photo in conjunction with the birthday of the star Angham.

Today comes the birthday of the star Angham, who is the artist who released her first album in 1987 entitled “The Quiet Faraway Corner”, and she has had tremendous successes at the Arab and Gulf levels. At the time, he confirmed that it is a “small voice” being prepared for Egypt. For three decades, Angham has excelled in presenting many Gulf and Arab albums that have influenced the art scene in the Arab world.

The singer Angham was known for her warm voice and strong feeling since her inception, after her father, the musician Mohamed Ali Suleiman, performed songs for old singers such as Umm Kulthum and Laila Murad, until she decided in the mid-1990s to abandon the classic color and adopt a new youth color.

Angham preserved the mixing of the two Gulf and Arab songs, and continued to cooperate with the most prominent Gulf poets and composers, and was distinguished in presenting the single song, and released many albums, the first of which is “The Faraway Corner Al Hadi”.

And Angham went through the acting experience of the series “Ghamda” with Dalia Al-Buhairy, and had another experience on stage with the singer Ali Al-Hajjar in 1999 when they re-presented the play “A Bullet in the Heart”.



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