Luxor presents a plan to develop 34 villages within the plan to develop 1,000 villages in the presidential project


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Luxor governorate organized an introductory meeting to review the implementation plan of development work in all the villages of Esna and Arment centers in Luxor governorate, which numbered 34 villages with their affiliations. The Republic.

According to a statement, on Wednesday, during the meeting, a review of the project’s plan for the development of the targeted villages was discussed, where Dr. Walaa Jad al-Karim, Head of the Central Administration Unit for the Decent Life Initiative at the Ministry of Local Development presented the most prominent axes of the plan and what has been implemented on the ground and what is planned to do in the future with the aim of developing and developing The targeted villages in the governorate and make a quantum leap in the field of providing services to its citizens, developing and renewing facilities, and providing a decent life for the people and residents of these villages.

After the meeting, an open dialogue was opened with the people who submitted their requirements and proposals to develop their villages and create sustainable development in them, expressing their appreciation for the efforts made by the state in order to raise the citizen’s standard of living and improve them. “Jad Al-Karim” praised the efforts of the Governor of Luxor, Counselor Mustafa Elham and the governorate leaders to implement the project, stressing that it is the only governorate that used to provide integrated studies that fulfill the requirements regarding the sanitation sector to speed the completion of work to cover the governorate by 100%, pointing out that after the end of the development and development work in the targeted villages The project will change the face of life in Egypt. Yasser Jad Al-Rab, Director of Planning Department in Luxor Governorate, pointed out that there is a committee that includes all concerned parties involved in setting an integrated development plan for the cities of Esna and Armant, assessing the current situation and studying the needs of the targeted villages in all fields.

The governor of Luxor confirmed that the selection of villages was done according to studies of poverty rates and available services and their availability at the level of administrative centers and after the comparison between centers, pointing out that development work will include all sectors and facilities such as sanitation, drinking water, electricity, health, youth, sports, aid, education, roads, veterinary services, massacres, waste management, irrigation and services. Agricultural, natural gas, projects of the Small and Micro Enterprise Development Agency, and all government services provided to citizens, within the framework of the state’s keenness to raise the citizen’s standard of living, especially in villages and hamlets, and to bring about integration in services, a qualitative shift and development that yields returns to the largest possible number of citizens within the scope of each center.

The “executive – popular” meeting, which was held in the General Office of Luxor Governorate, witnessed each of Muhammad Abdel Fattah, Secretary General of Luxor Governorate, Dr. Walaa Gad Al-Karim, Head of the Central Administration Unit for the Decent Life Initiative at the Ministry of Local Development, Brigadier General Amr Hassan, Head of the Central Administration for the Affairs of the Governor’s Office and Engineer Asaad Mustafa, the Governor’s Advisor for Projects. And Major General Muhammad Yahya, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Drinking Water and Sewerage Company in Luxor and a number of undersecretaries, directors of service directorates and concerned authorities in the governorate and their representatives, including health, education, social solidarity, buildings, education, electricity, sanitation, communications, agriculture, youth, sports, roads, veterinary medicine, all faces and a number of popular leaders and the people of the villages of Esna Warmin in Luxor.

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