“Manakhiri is more famous than the Sphinx” .. The full story of Houria Farghali’s crisis with plastic surgery


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The artist, Houria Farghali, was criticized for simply changing the features of her face, and specifically the shape of the nose, as she received a barrage of ridicule and sarcasm, and was accused as a result of undergoing a surgery that “disfigured her nose”. Those words were the beginning of a battle the artist fought with her audience, and her journey began denying gossip Confirmed her exposure to a catastrophic accident caused the bones of the nose to shatter.

And her journey between exile and narration of facts began with her appearance in 2016, and she said about the crisis of her nose: “Manakhiri has become months of Mannaheer (Abu Al Houl) .. The profession of television presentation is decimated and I started to take an interest in equestrian. Many international, including England 11 times, and in Egypt it was necessary to sit for 3 years, participating in the name of a second country, in order to participate in Egypt, until an unnecessary incident occurred.

And she continued: “I was clearing the horse and two cats were choking in front of him, and I was riding it without a (saddle), so I jumped over a truck above me and I signed something that broke my climate and fell on me and I ran a disk.” These were her words through the program “Clearly” presented by the journalist Mahmoud Al-Laithi Houria pointed out in the programs that the doctors prevented her from riding a horse, so that she would not become paralyzed, as she said.

And the story continued, that after her injury, she decided to participate in the movie “Talk to Me Thank You”, in 2010, directed by Khaled Youssef, and the director asked her about her nose and changed its shape, at the end of the cinematic work, so she tells him that her nose was already broken after falling on her nose, and her love for art encourages her. In paying attention to the shape of her nose, and “Farghali” is excited to go to a doctor in order to control the bones of her nose.

A new photo published by the artist Houria Farghali – Archives

After the constant search for the best doctors, she chose to travel to Austria, to “fix the nose”, according to her words, but the doctor got rid of the bones of the nose completely “the bone and the nasal septum”, describing what he did as: “pure climatic bugs”. She did not give up and went her journey in Searching for a second doctor to compensate for her trauma in the first surgery, so the second doctor told her, “I have to take a bone from the brain to put it in the nose … to put it as a nasal septum.” She agrees and then returns to acting and practicing her normal life.

And she faced a new crisis, which she clearly talked about in the “Tonight D” program with the actress, Arwa, as she was exposed to a health problem a few days before filming the series “The Witch of the South”, and she suffered an “abscess” in the nose and did not succeed in treating him or any doctor until the crisis increased The middle of filming the series, and the doctors told her that she needed to visit the same doctor responsible for her previous surgery, because he alone was able to solve her problem with the “abscess” by removing the bone that had fixed it.

I started to contact the doctor, and he agreed to subject her to surgery in order to remove “the bone that he got from her brain.” The repeated plastic surgeries had a negative effect on her ability to smell and taste, so she said in the “Me and Me” program, which was broadcast in 2017, and was presented by presenter Samar Morsi: “Plastic surgery made me breathe, and when I went to a plastic surgeon, he adjusts the shape of my climates, and there is no smell or taste in it, and every thing contains talk about undergoing plastic surgery.”

And about her feelings after undergoing so many surgeries: “If they know how badly I have deteriorated psychologically, because of the operations, I treat him seven operations in my climate in two or three years. I have been tormented, hospitals, operations, anesthesia, and a stay in the hospital for two months.” The artist proposed her idea of ​​retiring from acting, after the severe criticism that had been exposed to her, years ago, but indicated that her idea was rejected, and many showed their adherence to her presence, stressing that their love for her is a “good actress.”

The latest look of the artist Houria Farghali – Archives

And the artist again sheds light on her suffering and damage from “her nose plastic surgeries”, yesterday, in the “evening DMC” program, explaining her willingness to undergo plastic surgery in the United States of America, to return it as it was, but what hindered it is the global outbreak of the Corona virus, and she announces Everyone turned away from her and her sense of “loneliness”, saying: “I lost the sense of smell and taste 3 years ago, and the reason for the nose job is that I had an accident and not plastic surgery. All people have moved away from me, and people who have been working with me for 10 years do not think about raising the phone and asking me,” Come on, I forgot when I was over the summit and the people are all around. ”

And she went on: “I locked myself up for 10 months in my bedroom, and I thought that my companions loved me, but no..When many people from the middle, I knew that I would not work in art until I had a nose operation that disappeared, I worked 38 work in 7 years and I I was working tired and tired »..

It is noteworthy that “Farghali” is an actress who was born and lived in the Emirates, and returned to her country, Egypt in 2009. She won the title of Miss Egypt in 2002, but after that she gave it up to her stewardess, Nour Al Samri, and went to acting after spending her life outside Egypt in 2010. And the last artistic work that she presented was the series “The Witch of the South”, in 2015, written by Samah Hariri and directed by Akram Farid. As for the cinematic works, in 2018, the film “Industrial Divorce”, directed by Khaled Diab and Karim Suleiman, was presented.

Houria Farghali – Archives
Houria Farghaly – Archives

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