Medhat Shalaby: Musimani is stubborn and arrogant, and Bwalia Heshat because of him


Media Medhat Shalaby believes that there is a misuse of the skills and abilities of Al-Ahly strikers, Walter Bwalia and Mohamed Sharif, and a misuse of them in a timely manner, due to the growth of Betso Mosimani, Al-Ahly coach. Musimani dealt with Bwalia, the lady of the house dealt with rice, on fire, on Walter Bwalia, he participated in all matches since his arrival, and a normal situation when he comes to a club the size of Al-Ahly and plays the place of his scorer will feel terrible pressure, and therefore Musimani did not improve the choice of time to pay Bwalya.

He added: It was necessary to play with Sharif, and after the victory was guaranteed, Bouwalia could be paid, in this case you would have gained the trust of Mohamed Sharif, and you would give the opportunity to Walter Bwalya without pressure and without bearing the weight of the red shirt, you with one stone lost two players.

Wasel: I understand sometimes some coaches want to prove, “I am right, and all people are wrong.” Bwalia is a great deal, but he needs a right cooker, who will not be on the fire and burn.

He continued: In the first half of the Al-Mokawloon Al-Ahly match, he did not aim despite the opportunities, and there was an easy opportunity for Bwalia that showed that the player wishes to score a goal to regain his sense of confidence in front of the fans, but the shaky feet do not know the way to the goal.

He concluded: Hussein Al-Shahat is a great player, but he has not regained 50 or 60% of his level since his return after the hernia operation, why does he insist on pushing it out is essential, and on the other hand you have Taher Muhammad Taher? You forced Sharif, the scorer, to sit on the bench? Why does the Shahat not sit? Whenever Al-Ahly nation receives all these goals, the offensive part was not present and was severely deficient.


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