Minister of Petroleum: There is a great demand to convert cars to gas … We expect to replace 250 thousand vehicles


Engineer Tariq Al-Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, said that he expects to replace 250,000 cars to run on natural gas, stressing that the turnout by citizens for the exhibition of technology for converting cars to work with gas was not expected, and the main reason for the turnout is that the process has become a national project that obtained Direct support from President El-Sisi, and then he got the appropriate momentum for him from all institutions.

Al-Mulla added, in a telephone interview via the “Final Word” program presented by Mays Al-Hadidi on the screen ON, That all state agencies are united in this in order to be able to achieve this result, and this achievement by becoming a national project, and then this was the turnout by motorists and those interested in the project despite the Corona pandemic.

He explained: “The project of converting cars to work with natural gas is 25 years old, but it was proceeding in a natural pattern, but the great turnout came because of the momentum of concerted parties and various institutions, foremost among which is the Central Bank, the Ministry and other bodies.” As we reached about 42 thousand cars in 2020. “

He explained that, in conjunction with the economic reform launched 4 years ago as well as the recent initiative to convert cars to natural gas, conversion operations will increase, saying: “We expect to reach rates of 75 thousand to 100 thousand cars annually through the replacement through the cars program that they passed through. 20 years through updated data supported by the Ministry of Interior in an updated form in coordination with the local manufactured factories, and we expect in the first year to replace 70,000 cars according to the factories’ capacity, and in the next two years it will reach 90,000 cars as an annual average, so that there will be about 250,000 vehicles included in the replacement process. The central bank’s initiative to divide the interest over ten years came with a flat interest of 3%, in addition to the regular conversion process for dual-fuel cars, over which two to three years have elapsed, which it will be able to convert to dual fuel.


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