Mirhan Hussein raises eyebrows by her video copy of Myriam Fares


The videos documented by the Egyptian artist are very well receivedMirhan HussainIn which her talent for imitation stands out, the admiration of her followers and great popularity.
Mirhan had published previous videos in which she imitated a number of female artists and succeeded in turning into a copy of them through makeup, some changes in the look, and even dancing.
Mirhan raised eyebrows in her last video, posted on her page on a social networking site, in which she imitated the Lebanese artistMyriam FaresIn terms of makeup, poetry, or dance, she performed a review of a group of famous songs for her, most notably “He asks me where is he?”
The most prominent Arab artists imitated by Mirhan Hussein are: Angham, Elissa,Fifi Abdo​، ​Samira Saeed​، ​Maya Diab، وNawal al-zughby, And appeared in the videos with features very close to them using make-up, as well as amazingly imitating their performances.

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