Mohamed Antar: I cried to the president of Zamalek because I wanted to go … and I welcome the move to Al-Ahly


Mohamed Antar, the Egyptian player in Port Said, confirmed that he cried in order to leave Zamalek in order to return to participate again, after spending two and a half years in the White Castle.

Mohamed Antar said, during his interview with journalist Saif Zahir on the “Ontime Stadium” program broadcast on Ontime Sports Channel: “I spent two and a half years in Zamalek. My life never made a problem nor asked why I did not play, and I achieved 6 tournaments, but I was not successful with the club.” the White”.

Antar added, “I was subjected to many unjustified social media criticism from the pages of Zamalek and strange statements attributed to me. I did not say anything and people attack me because of pages that take my name.”

And Mohamed Antar continued: I was surprised by my exclusion from Zamalek accounts for no reason, and my wife supported me during my crisis in Zamalek after accusing me of neglecting training, to the point that I used to take her with me to train so that she knew that I was dead.

Mohamed Antar explained: “Another year with Zamalek, I went to the consultant Mortada Mansour Al-Maktab, and I cried and told him I want to go to play. He answered me. You are one of the important people in the club, yet I did not play and I don’t know why.”

Mohamed Antar added: “Any player who will play in Al-Ahly and Zamalek will not play football, and if Zamalek club requests me, I will not be late, but I am looking for participation, and if there is an offer from Al-Ahly, I will agree to the length and every player wishes to play for Al-Ahly club.”

Muhammad Antar said: “I have two lions in the house and they live with them, and I learned to deal with them from my wife’s family, who is known to raise lions.


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