Mohamed Gouda was artistic director of production in facing Al-Tale’aa, after Sedky was infected with Corona


The Board of Directors of the Military Production Club, headed by Major General Ashraf Amer, decided to assign the task of the technical director of the football team in facing the vanguards of the army to Muhammad Judeh, the general coach of the team, provided that Hamada Sidqi, the new technical director of the team in the stands, communicates with its quality from afar after the swab that he underwent showed the presence of antibodies and he What it means is that he is away from the team based on a medical vision.

The swab that the production team underwent proved negative for all the players with the exception of the swab of Hamada Sedky, who decided to return it to confirm the injury, and the production is preparing to face the army vanguards scheduled for the second half at noon tomorrow Friday at the Military Sports Authority Stadium in the ninth round of the Premier League competition, and the production is running its last session at its stadium Then he enters a closed camp in preparation for the match.

Hamada Sidqi, the former Al-Ahly star, signed the military production training contracts for a season and a half in the presence of Major General Ashraf Amer, president of the club and Khaled Mahdi, director of football in the team, succeeding Mukhtar Mukhtar, who left his post. The Hamada Sadky body includes Muhammad Judeh, general coach and Karim Helmy, a load scheme. A goalkeeper coach will be appointed at a later time.

And occupies Military production Currently the seventeenth place in the league table with 5 points, where he played 7 games, won a match, drew 2, lost 4 matches, scored 8 goals, and received 16 goals.

The curtain fell on the trip of Mukhtar Mukhtar, Artistic Director of Military Production with his club, after he submitted a request to leave and approved by the administration, and Hamada Sedky was appointed as the technical director of the team as his successor. In total, Mukhtar Mukhtar fought with War Production 118 matches, won 33 matches, drew 42 and lost 43 matches, and recorded production Under his leadership 122 goals and conceded 143 goals.


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