Mohamed Mohsen, a young Zamalek boy who is faithful to his mother’s spirit, dreams of walking in the footsteps of Tariq Hamed. Pictures


Mohamed Mohsen Abdel-Majid, the player of Baraem Zamalek, born in 2011, drew attention after he raised his team’s shirt to show the picture of his deceased mother, whenever he scored for his team, which is the vow he made on himself after he fulfilled part of her wish to wear the white shirt, and won the honor of representing Zamalek, which the family loves.

Mohamed Mohsen said to the official Zamalek website, “I fulfilled part of my late mother’s dream of playing for Zamalek club. I dream to continue my career with the team until I am happy with her. I lift the Zamalek shirt so that her printed image appears whenever I succeed in it, and I really miss her. I want to record a lot, until I lift the shirt.” Again, I feel it makes her happy. ”

محمد محسن
محمد محسن

And Muhammad fulfilled his late mother’s dream of playing for Zamalek, after joining the club last year, where he started with Ihab Rifai and Islam Adel Al Mamour, and this year with the technical staff of the 2011 team led by Amr Abdel Majeed and Mahmoud Yassin, and he plays in the middle of the stadium and is good at playing with both feet, according to what he said His father is Mohsen Abdul Majeed.

He added, “We entered the club on November 13, 2019 and his mother died only two days later, and the late woman was certain that he would be accepted in the Zamalek tests, which happened and her dream came true, and his strong attachment to his deceased mother made him decide to wear the shirt printed on it in all matches.”

Mohamed Mohsen with Medhat Abdel Hadi
Mohamed Mohsen with Medhat Abdel Hadi
The father tried to keep his son away from the sad atmosphere after his death, and he made the fulfillment of her dream of playing for Zamalek a motive for that, which he showed by saying: “I tried as much as possible to keep him out of the air after his death, but he was affected by his mother’s absence, and after a while I talked with him about achieving her dream of being A great player in Zamalek, and he promised me to fulfill his mother’s dream, some tried to warn me against the idea of ​​the child wearing a shirt printed with the image of his deceased mother, fearing for his psychological state, but he had insistence, and I agreed with him that his mother’s image would be the greatest motivation for him to score goals.

محمد محسن 2
محمد محسن 2

The beginning of Muhammad Mohsen, was in the Egyptian Talents program, through which he was honored by the minister, and he played a short period at the Manial Shiha Center in Abu Al-Nomros Center, then he underwent tests in Zamalek and the contractors, and the White Castle was chosen due to his affiliation and family to Zamalek Club.

The young child proved nabougha clearly, so he was honored at the end of the year by Ali Khalil, head of the basic school of Al-Baraem, as the best talent in the school, and he was also honored previously by Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, through the competition of your skill from your home in its beginnings.

The child who is loyal to his mother, who studies in the fourth grade of primary school and is fully keen on commitment to education and football, and he is a brother of four girls, sees Tariq Hamed as his role model in the midst of the international Zamalek, which he expressed by saying: “I dream of following in the footsteps of Tariq Hamed. If only I could take a picture with him. ”


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