Mohamed Youssef: Al-Ahly did not wrong me, and I respected Mahmoud Taher’s decision to leave me


Mohamed Youssef, the technical director of the National Bank team, said that he respected the decision of Mahmoud Taher, the former president of Al-Ahly Club, to leave the Red Castle training, stressing that he was not subjected to injustice, pointing out that the board of directors has the right to search for the most suitable to lead the team.

The technical director of Al-Ahly Bank added, in televised statements, that his personality did not change with Al-Ahly players, after his transfer from a general coach to a technical director after the departure of Hossam Al-Badri.

He continued: “After Al-Ahly’s draw with Esperance in Cairo in the African 2012 Final, many expected the tournament to end in favor of Esperance, but we had great faith in our ability to win in Rades and Hossam Ghali performed” global “in the two matches of Esperance in the 2012 African Champions League final.

And he added, “I am the fourth Egyptian coach to win the CAF Champions League with Al-Ahly.”

Youssef talked about the incident of Al-Shenawi’s arrest, saying: “Muhammad Al-Shennawi touching the referee is a mistake that is taken against him, but he is one of the disciplined players, and such stances are rarely issued by him.”

In another context, Mohamed Youssef commented on the goal of Ayman Ashraf, Al-Ahly’s defender, which was canceled by the referee due to a mistake in the match that brought the two teams together last Sunday in the eighth round of the league and ended in a goalless draw.

The coach of the National Bank said that Ayman Ashraf’s goal was an appreciative shot, stressing that the referees ’mistakes occurred with everyone, indicating that he was happy to snatch a difficult point from the tusks of the Al-Ahly club, the first candidate to win the title.

Mohamed Youssef added: “I expected Al-Ahly to start the match with Walter Bwalia or Mohamed Sharif in the offensive line, but I was surprised by Musimani’s decision to start with Walid Suleiman.”

And he continued: “We studied Al-Ahly well and learned that most of its goals come in the second half, and many of them are in the last minutes. Therefore, it is natural that the match will be difficult for us as time passes, but I have always tried to close the keys to Al-Ahly’s seriousness, especially Ali Maaloul.”

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