Mosimane plans to implement a new method for Al-Ahly in the FIFA Clubs World Cup


Betso Musimani, Al-Ahly’s coach, plans to implement a new style of play during participation in the Club World Cup, either in his usual 4/2/3/1 or 4/3/3 manner with the implementation of some different technical sentences, whether in the positioning of the players on the stadium or preparation Or the roles assigned to the players or the breakthroughs that he will rely on to open gaps in the opponent’s lines.

Musimani’s plan is related to dealing with the new ambition of the red team in the competition to ascend to the semi-finals of the FIFA Club World Cup, a plan that Musimani intends to implement, which may require relying on Hamdi Fathy as a late Defender or Libero at the time of the opposing attack from the opposing team, which has strong offensive elements, Or playing with three defensive midfielders, namely Hamdy Fathy, Amr Al-Soliya, and Aliou Diang, to give the red team preference and possession in the match and deal with the speeds of Al-Duhail players.

The Al-Ahly World Cup delegation received a notification stating that the medical swab that was conducted on Friday evening upon arrival in Qatar, all came negative for all members of the technical, administrative and medical staff and the players with the exception of Brigadier Mohamed Morgan, the club’s executive director, whose survey came out positive, despite the negative of his last scan that took place. By the mission hours before leaving Cairo, and no symptoms appeared on him, or a negative impact, as his condition remains more than excellent, but there is respect for medical instructions and precautionary and preventive measures.

Accordingly; Brigadier General Morgan has been temporarily isolated, and a medical swab will be repeated for him within the next 72 hours to confirm his safety.


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