Most notably, vegetables popular in Egyptian homes … a nutritionist who provides immune-boosting foods


A number of social media pioneers have recently shared some advice about eating some foods and drinks that can help protect against infection with Coronavirus infection Novelty.

Dr. Jihan Al-Demerdash, a therapeutic nutrition specialist, obesity and thinness, commented on what is being circulated, saying: “There are some foods that help strengthen the body’s immunity because they contain certain nutrients and thus help protect against infection and diseases.”.

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And provided A therapeutic nutrition specialist, obesity and thinness, through her talk to “Sada Al-Balad”, the foods that help Immunity booster.

1- Cowpeas and dry beans

They contain complex carbohydrates that keep blood glucose levels steady for a long time, and numerous studies indicate a role they play in fighting colon cancer.

2- Almonds

A handful of almonds (20 tablets) provides the body with the vitamin E it needs, an effective antioxidant during the day, and reduces the harmful cholesterol (LDL), as it is a rich source of good fats that resist inflammatory reactions (immune diseases and coronary heart disease, for example).

3- Avocado

The fruit is rich in good vegetable fats as well as being an excellent source of folate, a member of the B complex group.

4- Beets

These distinctly colored plant roots contain powerful antioxidants: entospanins and betapines are known to fight cellular aging.

5- Strawberries

They belong to vegetables, unlike what everyone thinks as fruits, and they contain a group of powerful antioxidants phytachemicals.


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