Muhammad Suleiman comments on the lead of his character “Hani” the trend after 3 years of the show “This Evening”


Despite the passage of more than 3 years since its launch, the series “This Evening” returned to the top of the trend thanks to a scene that was known on the media media as “De Hani”, which was between Arwa Gouda, in addition to the artist Iyad Nassar and the artist Muhammad Suleiman, who played the character “Hani” He commented, in turn, that the trend is topped by a large extent.

Suleiman wrote, through his account on the “Instagram” site: “What do you see the series is the first time it is broadcast or the first time it is recovered? What do you see? We look at Arab and American films and series and from all countries of the world in order to imitate what we see, not because we understand life and see things from different angles and sides.” It allows us and helps us to choose the best for us based on our culture, customs and traditions .. We must have awareness and we are watching movies and dramas because blind imitation without thinking is a disaster.

Muhammad Suleiman on Instagram

On the other hand, Arwa Joudeh said, in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day” recently: “I am a worker I laugh after I saw that, and frankly, this is considered the best thing that I had in a long time.”

She added: This work is one of the closest works to my heart, and it is easy to work with the distinguished director Tamer Mohsen, who made sure that the work appeared in the best way and paid attention to all its details, in addition to all the people who participated in it.

Social media pioneers circulated a sarcastic clip in which a scene from “This Evening” was used, and the scene gathered both Arwa Judeh “Nayla” and her husband Iyad Nassar “Akram” and her friend Muhammad Suleiman “Hani”, when Akram returned from outside the house to find Naela and Hani coming from Upper floor.

It is noteworthy that the series “This Evening” competed for satellite channels during the Ramadan 2017 season, written and directed by Tamer Mohsen, and along with Arwa Gouda, Iyad Nassar, Hanan Mutawa, Muhammad Farraj, Ahmed Daoud, Hany Adel, Samar Morsi, and a number of other artists participated in the series. .


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