Muhammad Suleiman, the owner of the trend “#Dah_Hani”: “People do not understand what the story is about” (video)


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The pioneers of the social networking site traded an old scene from the series “This Evening” by the artist Iyad Nassar, Arwa Judeh and Muhammad Suleiman, about a husband who was surprised by his wife and another person who were in a bedroom alone, and the husband violates his wife, while the wife is surprised by his reaction to him with amazement «That Hani », Which was received by the social networking site pioneers with sarcasm until it came to becoming a Trend« #DeHany »

The artist, Muhammad Suleiman, who was embodying the character of Hani in the series, commented, saying: “I am surprised because the series is shown a lot.

In his statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm, he added: “I asked a lot that it is normal that the wife has a friend and my comment on this matter. Every society has its own culture, and every segment of Egyptian society has its own way, and the public as a viewer sees films from all countries and cultures. Too many are presented to us through the imposed drama and films. We watch every need, analyze, think and see what is most appropriate for us, our habits, our traditions, and our society. It is unreasonable to watch the series and imitate it as a blind tradition.

And he continued: “People do not understand what the story is, and whoever saw the series will understand that there is no need between it and Hani, and that the character that Iyad Nassar had had doubts about everything around her because he was not good enough.”

He concluded his speech: “We must think, analyze and choose the most appropriate for our society. We present a case, in which there is awareness and we can differentiate the right from the mistake, or the matter ends between us and a disaster.”

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