Muhammad Suleiman: What happened to Houria Farghali scares me and I think about it every day Video


The artist, Mohamed Suleiman, said that the recent situation of the artist Houria Farghali frightens him, and he thinks about him every day, and about the way everyone abandoned her.

Muhammad Suleiman Houria Farghali, who participated in the series “Kingdom of Ghajar”, described her as one of the best characters he met in the scenes of artistic works and in personal life. She is generous, simple and very skilled, and a star who has her presence and her audience.

Muhammad Suleiman added that he puts himself in the place of Houria Farghali, and imagines her shock in the people and the closest to her, and this leaves him feeling that a person should not raise the ceiling of his expectations from those around him, and that this is the true meaning of life, in all areas, not only in the artistic field .

Artist Edward explained that what makes Houria Farghali severely affected is that she was at one time a director of theaters and ran a production company and executing films, so people approached her more, apart from that working in art brings fame, and fame attracts people to approach the artist for various reasons. .

This came during Muhammad Suleiman’s hosting of an episode of the “Cairo Today” program on Alpha Today, presented by Edward and the media, Buthaina Tawakkol.


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