Musimani Mixture .. New changes in the formation of Al-Ahly in front of the National Bank today


Pitso settled Musimani The technical director of the first football team at Al-Ahly club on his team lineup to face Al-Ahly Bank this evening at Al-Max Stadium within the framework of the seventh round of the Premier League matches for the 2020/2021 season.

Musimani studies making a number of changes in formation Ahly During today’s confrontation, Mohamed Sharif is the most prominent candidate to return to the basic Al-Ahly formation during the bank match today in light of the good levels presented by the player, as is the case for Muhammad Hany, who approached the leadership of the right front after his return from infection with the Corona virus despite the fierce competition with Akram Tawfiq, who He succeeded in catching all eyes on him during the last war production confrontation in the right-back position.

He is scheduled to enter Ahly Today’s match formed by:

Goalkeeper: Mohamed El Shennawy

Defense line: Muhammad Hani or “Akram Tawfiq”, Badr Bannon, Ayman Ashraf, and Ali Maaloul.

Midfield: Aliou Diang, Hamdy Fathy and Mohamed Magdy Afsha.

Offensive line: Hussein Al-Shahat and Mahmoud Kahraba or “Muhammad Sharif” and Walter Bwalia.

The match is scheduled to begin at five in the evening and will be broadcast on Ontime Sport.

Al-Ahly, led by its coach Musimani, seeks to achieve victory and continue to achieve distinguished results during the current football season, after he managed to win 5 matches before facing the bank today, in addition to tying in one match.

Musimani announced the Red Genie List to face the bank today, which included: Goalkeepers: Mohamed El-Shennawy – Ali Lotfi – Mustafa Schubert, and in the defense line: Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, Rami Rabia, Saad Samir, Yasser Ibrahim, Ayman Ashraf, Badr Banoun, Mohamed Hani, Ali Maaloul, and Mahmoud Wahid and in the midfield: Hussein Al-Shahat – Hamdi Fathy – Muhammad Magdi Afsha – Akram Tawfiq – Walid Suleiman – Alliou Diang – Amr Al-Sulaia. In the attack: Walter Bwalia – Mahmoud Kahraba – Muhammad Sharif – Taher Muhammad Taher.

It should be mentioned that Al-Ahly leads the Egyptian league table with 16 points and goal difference from its traditional rivals Zamalek.


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