Mustafa Muhammad thanks the armed forces and leaves for Turkey after a few hours


A source in the Galata Saray club revealed the secret of the late travel of Mustafa Mohamed, the Zamalek player, to Turkey, to join the club Clot سراي.The source confirmed to Sada al-Balad that Mustafa Muhammad had a ticket on the plane departing from Egypt to Turkey after 3 and a half hours, but he has not yet been able to obtain a departure permit, due to the military service.

The source added: “There is an intense effort to solve this matter, and the player’s arrival in Istanbul tonight.”

Last Thursday, Zamalek Club announced that Mustafa Mohamed would be loaned to Turkish club Galata Saray for a season and a half, for $ 2 million in cash.

The loan contract includes a clause with the right to sell in exchange for 4 million dollars that Zamalek obtains upon activating the clause, and the player renewed his contract with Zamalek for a season and a half of the loan period to the Turkish club.

It is noteworthy that the clause of the eligibility to buy Galata Saray by Mustafa Muhammad continues until December 31, 2021, and in the event that the Turkish club does not activate the clause before this date, it is not entitled to include the player except after the approval of Zamalek.


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