Nader El-Sayed in a rare photo with his son Ahmed after signing Zamalek: Your first step to a big dream


Former Egypt goalkeeper Nader El-Sayed was keen to support his son Ahmed after signing with Zamalek club for three years, through a picture of them together, in which he recalled their memories when he was coaching him as a child, before he was escalated through the different years of the Zamalek club and up to the first team The former Egyptian goalkeeper commented on the photo by writing: “Your first step to the big dream, you deserve more my love.”

Nader El-Sayed with his son Ahmed
Nader El-Sayed with his son Ahmed

Ahmed Nader Al-Sayed, goalkeeper of the youth team at Zamalek, signed yesterday a three-season contract for the White Castle, and the technical staff of the first team, led by Portuguese Jaime Pacheco, settled on the record of the African player.

And that was during the same day that Marwan Hamdy, the Maqasa striker, joined the Zamalek club officially during the current winter transfers, after the player signed today his transfer contracts to the White Castle, in the presence of his agent Ahmed Yahya and Yahya Ali at the White Castle headquarters in Mitt Uqba, and a session was held with members of the temporary committee for the management of the castle Bayda, and it was agreed on the terms of the contract and the money that the player would receive.

The officials of the two clubs ended the agreement on the player’s transfer to Zamalek, but there was still agreement on the financial value, after the clearing officials set an amount of 15 million to sell Marwan Hamdy, while Zamalek insisted on paying 10 million pounds, or paying the same amount of money as the specified value while waiving some of its players as a matter of course. Selling or loaning, so that the two parties finally reached an agreement whereby Zamalek would pay 13 million pounds to the Fayoumi club to agree to sell the player and obtain his dispensing, after a series of negotiations between the two clubs, which resulted in success and the signing of contracts between the two clubs.

Nader Al-Sayed while signing
Ahmed Nader Al-Sayed while signing

The clearing house gets 15% of the proceeds from selling Zamalek to Marwan Hamdy or loaning him in the future, after agreeing on all procedures and formal completion of the deal in exchange for obtaining the value of the deal in cash, and granting the player’s dismissal.

The deal, Marwan Hamdy, was settled in the presence of Counselor Emad Abdel Aziz, President of Zamalek, Mr. Metwally, the sporting director of the clearing, Ahmed Yahya, Islam Al Mallah, the player’s Kelly, and Hussein Al Sammari, a member of the Executive Committee of the White Club.

Zamalek agreed with Marawan Hamdy that the player should bear two million pounds from the value of his contract to settle his transfer to the White Castle, in light of the insistence of clearing officials on 15 million pounds, so that Zamalek bears 11 million and 2 million pounds are deducted from the player’s dues with the White Castle in exchange for the completion of the deal at 13 million fairy.

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