Nader Shawky reveals a huge show by Ahmed Sayed Zizou from the UAE


Nader Shawky, the players’ agent, revealed the existence of a huge show by Ahmed Sayed Zizou, the star of Zamalek club, but he did not reveal its value. Shawky said in statements to the “On Time Stadium” program with the media, Saif Zahir: “Zizou Gaila is a show from the Emirates, and it has coordination With Zamalek, and we are negotiating with him, I am the one who receives the offer, and the player does not have a problem.

He added: Zizou will have a season and a half left with Zamalek, and the sum of money reaches x million euros.

And he continued: Ahmed Eid, our Lord honors him, and we try to give him a show from his righteousness, which is a good talent and in many clubs in Egypt he wishes, and he wished him two years before him so that he would make a great show.

In a related context, the football administration at Zamalek Club refused an offer from Riga Club from Latvia to borrow Joseph Obama for a period of 6 months; Because of Zamalek’s desire to preserve the basic strength of the team and not to waste its stars, within the framework of the football management’s keenness to compete for the tournaments this season.

The football administration also rejected an offer from Paphos, the Cypriot club, which is participating in the European Champions League, this season to contract with Ahmed Fattouh, the left back of the team, as a final sale, but the Zamalek management refused and adhered to the survival of the players, and the offer of Fattouh and Obama came through Marwan El Sherbiny, an agent. Players.

On the other hand, all players of Zamalek club are organizing in the training of tomorrow, Tuesday, normally, after some players got a break from the training of the day, which was optional, and the team goes through its training, in the presence of all the players, as part of the preparations for the Talaa Al-Jaish match, scheduled for Saturday. Next in the sixth round of the Premier League competition.


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