Najeeb al-Rihani and “The Divination” … a prophecy he did not forget, and the secret of the words he was repeating


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Thursday, January 21, 2021

I wrote – Mona Al-Moji:

A professor of comedy, the top laughing stars confirmed that they had gone out of his cloak, even if they followed a different method or school other than the one he founded, but he is the basis, the audience saw him in a few cinematic works, as the bulk of his performance on stage was “Laughter” Al-Baki, “the late artist Najeeb Al-Rihani.

On this day, January 21, 1889, Najib Elias Al-Rihani was born, he lived 60 years and passed away after going through a short-lived health crisis. The news of his departure constituted a great shock to the members of his theater group that bore his name, and to his fans.

On the anniversary of the birth of Al-Rihani, we reveal his story with the fortune-teller, and how she foretold things that he lived years after her prophecy, and she talked to him about the secrets of his past, which made him think about what she said about his future, and make him play a role in his life.

Rihani, as he recounted in his memoirs, was influenced by the words of the fortune teller, who told him that he would be involved in a car accident, but he would not be injured, and despite that this prophecy continued to haunt him, and he decided not to drive a car one day, rather he preferred to resort to a “stagecoach” over the taxi or the car of one of his friends.

He says, “The amazing fortune teller predicted that there would be a collision with a car that I would be in, and although she mentioned to me that our Lord, God willing, will not answer the consequences soundly, I was afraid of that day, so I refrained from owning a car for myself, as if I was invited to ride a car of others or even a car Taxi, I beg the driver with all the dear ones to have mercy on the servants of God’s youth, and to walk at less than his time, because I am never in a hurry.

He adds, “This is not in a hurry … I always say it whenever I ride a car, even if there is a minute left on the train that I will travel in … and a word in your ears, dear reader, I have not said it to anyone else, by God, to this day. That is that I always prefer to ride horse carriages, not kindness. In Arabic, but out of concern for my dear life. “

Al-Rihani continues his talk about the fortune teller in his memoirs, which were published by Dar Al-Hilal: “This lady told me about things that happened to me in the past, as if they were with me, and that she told me special circumstances that I passed in the same pattern that I mentioned. Really, I confused my mind with what she threw into my past history. And she left me distraught to think of how a person, no matter how much knowledge he is, can stand on such amazing minute details.

Al-Rihani met the fortuneteller in 1913, and Rihani swore that throughout his life he was still passing through the stages of his life that the fortune-teller had predicted for him, and she told him that his condition would change and he would move from poverty to richness, and from rich to poverty and then return to riches again, as I told him things that occurred precisely after Years.

Naguib al-Rihani departed from our world in June 1949, and his last work was the movie “Spinning Girls” with the artist Laila Murad and the artist Anwar Wagdy, with the participation of the artist Suleiman Naguib, the artist Abdel-Warith Asr, the artist Youssef Wahbi, and the artist Firdous Muhammad.


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