Names’ battles over the films of time … the third is the condition of Nabulsi and the quarrel between Nightingale and Majda


Art stars often have disputes over the order of placing their names on artwork or film posters, and directors and producers often struggle with these problems and try to avoid them in many ways.

Although the stars of the beautiful time prevailed among them with good relations, and many of them were above these problems, sometimes there were disputes between them about the order of placing the names on film posters and sequels, so that some of these problems sometimes reached the judiciary and demand compensation for not putting a name The artist in a way that he sees fit for his artistic stature.

In a rare issue of Al-Kawkab magazine published in 1961, the magazine published an article under the title “Crises Caused by Writing the Names of the Stars.” Al-Kawakeb referred to a number of crises that began with the beginning of the season of screening a number of films that producers suffered from because of writing the names of the heroes of work and the desire to monopolize priority and write Names on film transcripts.

Some stars had traditions that they insist upon when writing film contracts so that they do not fall into these problems, for example the artist Abd al-Salam al-Nabulsi always insisted that the order of his third name be among the stars of the film and immediately after the hero and the heroine, and he was keen to write this condition between the terms of the contract so as not The product succeeds or changes this condition, and a big revolution erupts if there is any change in this condition.

As for the Nightingale Asmar Abdel Halim Hafez, he was at first insisting that the contract he signed with the producer should include an explicit text that his name be placed at the top of the list of names of the film’s heroes. In a problem, because Abdel Halim insists on placing his name at the top of the list, the first of the names, and Majida insists on the same thing, so that she threatened to resort to the judiciary because she is older than Abdel Halim and deserves to have her name placed before him, and Magda has already taken measures to prosecute Barakat and sent him a warning by a reporter, as she indicated. Planets.

But in the end, Barakat was able to get out of this dilemma by weighing the two names and writing them the same size, and each of them is next to the other so that neither of them gets angry.

Abdel Halim knew that all producers and directors were keen to place his name prominently on movie advertisements in order to attract his wide audience.

The problems raised by writing the names of the stars were a reason to search for new ways to satisfy all parties, especially the big stars who sometimes participated in some small roles in the films, which made the producers use the phrase “in association with” or “the guest of honor” to write the names of major stars and distinguish them. Such as the name of Mahmoud Al-Meligy, Hussein Riad and others, and placing it in a prominent place on the sheets or tartar and advertisements.


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