“Negotiations for the rights of her child and a large compensation” … Why is Melania late in asking for a divorce from Trump?


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Although former President Donald Trump and his wife Melania celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary, talk of a divorce between them has become certain.

Recently, a number of press reports revealed how much Melania Trump would get if she chose to leave her husband. According to an article in the Daily Mirror, quoting top lawyers, Melania Trump could get up to $ 50 million and custody of her teenage son Barron if she divorces. Trump.

Divorce attorney Jacqueline Newman, based in New York, says that if the former first lady decides to stay married to Donald Trump long after he leaves the White House, she will be in a position to renegotiate him and may end up receiving more financial compensation.

While divorce attorney in London Janet Johnson said that the prenuptial agreement may be the reason for Trump’s failure to comply with it, as there is a clause on the penalty for misconduct by one of the parties, and this appeared after the revelation of Donald’s alleged relationship with porn star Stormy Daniels.

Former White House aide Omarosa Manegault Newman, in his 2018 book, claimed that Melania counted every minute until her 74-year-old husband was no longer president until she could divorce him.

Meanwhile, ex-girlfriend and counselor Stephanie Winston Woolcove said things between them were so bad that they slept in separate White House bedrooms.

The Daily Mail report revealed that the reciprocal marriage between Trump and Melania is a type of marriage in which the spouses deal as if they were in a reciprocal deal, each providing a service in exchange for the other offering him a service.

The wife of the US President wanted to obtain an official document that would guarantee her son Barron all financial rights, on an equal footing with his three brothers whom Trump had born from his first marriage in particular.

The Washington Post last year published excerpts from a book on Melania Trump, written by journalist Mary Gordon.

In which she said, according to “Deutsche Welle”, that it was important for Melania that her son obtain her Slovenian citizenship and the American nationality of his father, which would be allowed later in the administration of the Trump empire branch in Europe.

Melania is Trump’s third wife, and he has fathered three children from his first wife, Ivana, two sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, and Ivanka Trump, who went to the world of politics and took over with her husband, Jared Kushner, the position of advisor to the president in the White House after her father won the elections, and Trump has a daughter Another from his second marriage, Tiffany Trump.

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