New details in 3 offers for Al-Shahat’s departure … Loan, Al-Ahly’s reaction, a special request from the player and his position


Hussein Al-Shahat, wing of the first football team at Al-Ahly club, received some calls during the past few days from mediators who conveyed to him the interest of some Emirati clubs in obtaining his services.

Hussein Al-Shahat previously played in the Emirates stadiums with the Al Ain club shirt and presented a distinguished performance with the team in the local and continental championships, the last of which was the FIFA Club World Cup, in which the team reached the final match.

It is published El-Ahly.comThe full story in the file of the three offers presented to Hussein Al-Shahat to leave the ranks of Al-Ahly Club during the winter transfer period.

The matter started by an Emirati business agent who contacted Hussain Al-Shahat and his agent and informed them of the interest of three clubs to join him in the winter transfer period on loan for a period of 6 months for an amount not less than 50 thousand dollars, with an intention to sell.

The Emirati agent offered his services first to 3 Emirati clubs, namely Al-Wehda, Al-Nasr and Al-Wasl in order to contract with Hussein Al-Shahat in light of a shortage in his position within these clubs, the response on the part of the aforementioned trio was to welcome and agree to join the Al-Ahly player in case there was approval from his side.

The agent, in turn, spoke with Hussein al-Shahat, the response of the Al-Ahly player was the welcome and non-objection provided that the matter was done with the approval of the Al-Ahly club.

Hussain Al-Shahat’s welcome and not closing the door completely in front of the Emirati clubs prompted them to open greater lines of communication with the player and talked with him about some of his financial details related to the Al-Ahly club as well in terms of the financial offer expected to be requested in order to dispense with the player’s services.

Al Wasl Club retreated and Al-Ahly’s position

The three clubs obtained the responses and position of Hussein Al-Shahat after negotiating amicably through the mediator, so Al Wasl club became the least interested among them to join the player and the conflict continued between Al-Nasr and Al-Wehda clubs.To join the player, but without sending official offers yet.

Hussein Al-Shahat contacted Al-Ahly club officials in order to know the position of the Red Castle regarding the interest of the three Emirati clubs, but he received assurances from Amir Tawfiq, Contracting Director, that no offer was received, either formally or amicably, from any club to join the player.

Amir Tawfiq confirmed to Hussein Al-Shahat that the current position of Al-Ahly club is to refuse the player’s departure due to the presence of the FIFA Club World Cup competitions in which the Red Castle participates in early February, with an emphasis on the absence of any official offer yet.

But what about the position of Hussein Al-Shahat?

Al-Shahat has not decided his position, whether by sticking to leaving or closing the door to professionalism and continuing with Al-Ahly Club, the player does not mind going out to professionalism again in the Emirates and at the same time he wants to stay with the Red Castle and get more championships with the Red Genie.

Hussein Al-Shahat was keen not to open lines of communication on his part or by his agent with the clubs or ask about the latest developments and leave the matter to the Emirati clubs in order to send an official offer or close the file completely.


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