On her birthday, he got to know the brother of Inas Makki, the famous actor, and her real age


Actress Inas Makki is celebrating her 48th birthday today, and she is one of the stars who presented many good works of art that remain a mark in her artistic history.

– She was born to an Egyptian mother and an Algerian father, and she grew up in Egypt with her Egyptian family following the separation of her parents.

She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Cairo University, and started her artistic work as an advertisement girl.

– She rose to prominence as an actress in the 1990s with roles of seduction.

– She starred in the American role in the series “I will not live in my father’s robes”, which is considered her most famous role, as she was famous for the phrase “Mister Haj Abdul Ghafoor”, which she used to say to the late Nour al-Sharif in the series.

– She worked in the series “Dream and Pain” and “Aalim Ya Hoo”. She also worked in theater in the play “The Madness of Humans”, and in the cinema in the films “A Fish and Four Sharks”, “Raklam” and “Respected One Quarter”.

– The older sister of the artist Ahmed Makki, and she has a younger brother called “Abdulaziz”.


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