On her birthday, Nelly appears with her niece, Fairuz, with a wonderful look


The great artist Nelly was keen to celebrate her birthday last Sunday, January 3, in the midst of her family in an atmosphere of happiness and joy.

Nelly appeared with Iman Jamjoom, the daughter of her late sister Fairouz, in an appearance that is considered the first of its kind, while celebrating her birthday, where Iman published her picture with her aunt, who appeared as her usual graceful and beautiful as she was brilliant in her artworks in the past.

It is noteworthy that Iman appeared recently with the media, Bossi Shalaby, while she was in her own exhibition of accessories, which was called “Fayrouz Hanim”, where Iman placed the picture of her mother as a child in one of her old films.

The artist, Fairouz, Nelly’s sister, left our world on January 30, 2016, and it is noteworthy that she married the late artist Badr al-Din Jamjoom and had children, Iman and Ayman.

The artist Nelly celebrated her birthday last Sunday, to bring back to the minds of her fans the roles that she played during her golden age, as she was one of the best brilliant artists in the making of Ramadan bouquets and wonderful show business, and this is what made her constitute an unforgettable stature and mark, and this despite her leaving the field The artist has been around for a long time, but she remained an icon in drama and theater that cannot be forgotten under any circumstances, thanks to her immortal works in the consciousness of adults and children throughout her artistic career and her distinguished works.


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