On his birthday, Saeed Abdul-Ghani’s love for white is the secret


Today coincides with the birth anniversary of the artist Saeed Abdul-Ghani, days after the anniversary of his death, as the deceased was born in 1938, and grew up in the village of Nusa Al-Bahr affiliated to the Aja district in the Dakahlia governorate.

The late Saeed Abdul-Ghani began his life as a journalist in the accident department, then moved to the art department until he became the head of the department, married the sister of the artist Zahra Al-Ola.

Among the most famous works of the late artist are the series “Cairo Welcomes You”, “Al Shatar”, “Mission in Tel Aviv”, “We Are the Bus”, “Half Rabie Al Akher” series, “My Love Always”, and “Al Baheth” series. And the series “The Snake”, the play “The Ground Masquerade.”

The artist Saeed Abdul-Ghani suffered severe pneumonia in December 2018, and doctors prevented him from visiting him because of the seriousness of his condition, and his son, artist Ahmed Saeed Abdul-Ghani, was careful not to spread news about his father’s illness so that his fans and colleagues from the artistic community would not accept his visit, which may constitute harm to his condition. Health, but he asked to pray for him from all his lovers.

Regarding his love for the white color, Ahmed Saeed Abdul-Ghani said that his father, after the shock of the 1967 setback, and his return changed many things in his life, and the white color became essential in his life, and his room and office were white. The clothes, any white jacket I would buy him. “


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