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One of them is a military man .. arresting those accused of killing ...

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announced that four of those accused of killing the “Bidun” young man Abdullah Abdel-Al Al-Khalifa, who died yesterday, Saturday, have been arrested, days after he was stabbed and run over.

Ministry announced Kuwaiti InteriorFour persons accused of killing the young “Bidun”, Abdullah Abdel-Al Al-Khalifa, who died yesterday, Saturday, were arrested days after being stabbed and deliberately run over by four people due to previous disputes between them.

And the Ministry’s Criminal Security Sector was able to arrest those accused of killing the young man, so that it became clear that the main accused is a military man in the Ministry of Interior, according to what was confirmed by an official statement of the Ministry.

The ministry said, “Four people accused of killing the young man were arrested in the Al-Qusour area of ​​Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate, and investigations are underway to find out the circumstances of the incident and take the necessary legal measures.”

The young “Bidun” died inside Al-Adan Hospital yesterday, following the stab wounds he received last Wednesday, in a diwaniyya, after which he was deliberately run over by a sports car by the perpetrators who fled after committing the crime.

Activists stated earlier, “that the perpetrators lured the young man and invited him a few days ago to a diwaniyya; To take revenge on him because of old disputes, to be betrayed and stabbed him a few times with a knife, amputated one of his ears, and ran over with a car; After these severe injuries, he fell into a coma until he passed away.

The medical report revealed that the young man was stabbed in the heart, one in the kidney, and the other in the spleen, in addition to an opening in his stomach, and a fracture of the skull as a result of being run over by a car, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper, “Al-Anbaa”.

The killing of the young man, Abdullah, topped the conversation of Kuwaitis, MPs and activists, who demanded the Ministry of Interior to hold the perpetrators accountable and apply the deterrent punishment against them, amid talks about the presence of about nine accused in the case, including the owner of the diwaniyah, who reports indicated that he was arrested and detained.

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