One of them practiced homosexuality with him .. The text of a communication revealed the crimes of the dentist accused of indecent assault on men


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Al-Masry Al-Youm obtained the text of the communication submitted to Counselor Hamada Al-Sawy, the Attorney General, against B.S., the dentist, accused of forcibly defaming men and harassing them inside his clinic in the Dokki area of ​​Giza.

The report submitted by Hassan Abu Al-Ain, the lawyer, came last June as an agent for 3 people, they are: Abbas Abu Al-Hassan, a cinematographer and a member of the Syndicate of Film Professions, Wael Ahmed, chairman of a tourism company, and Tamim Younis, an advertisement director, against Dr. “B. Q », that, during the period between June 23, 2020, and June 25, 2020, while the first complainant used the elevator of a real estate in the Dokki area, after visiting a professor of Islamic art history from the 9th floor, the elevator stopped on one of the floors, and he was surprised that Dr. B.S. The elevator, and both of them were surprised by the other, and the defendant looked at him with an obscene look and a dull smile, then extended his hand, grasping a sensitive area, saying, “You still don’t want this, I wish you”. You still have this dirty disease in you, it is not forbidden from the last time », since he had previously harassed the first complainant in the late eighties by spying on his naked body and grabbing him with his penis if he was present and using the shower in the Lido area in the private changing room At Al-Jazirah club, he ran, slapped him and ran away In front of him at that time.

In the communication, he added, the complainant molested the “second” and “third” complainants, and tried to touch a sensitive area of ​​their bodies.

In his communication, Abu El-Enein demanded that legal measures be taken and the incident investigated by a judicial investigation, as what the defendant had done against him was considered sexual harassment against all of the complainants.
The Public Prosecution confronted the male harassing doctor with practicing homosexuality with one of his clients for 3 years, inside his dental clinic in Dokki, and it was found that he was installing cameras inside his clinic, and videotaping those practices, and he used these clips to threaten the young man who was practicing homosexuality with him. , So that he would continue practicing these disgraceful acts with him, and that the young man was obedient to his requests, and used to come to him whenever he called him immediately, for fear of threatening him that he would publish these clips on his Facebook account.

The prosecution’s investigations revealed that the doctor harassed 4 individuals, including a representative, a singer, and two other young men, inside his clinic in Dokki, and that one of the victims responded to him and practiced homosexuality with him over several years. When one of them spoke on Facebook, the others submitted reports to the Public Prosecutor. Against him, and it appears from the victim’s statements that the accused was harassing them in his clinic at the time of commencing his work.

The victims agreed, during the investigations, that the accused was harassing them at the time he examined them and examined their teeth, and that the accused asked them to practice homosexuality with him, justifying that as a nature that concerns some people and that he is one of them, and when they asked him to search for a cure for this disease he told them that This is not a disease claiming to be normal.

The prosecution listened to the statements of the victims, and decided to release them from the office of the prosecution office, and decided to arrest and bring the accused, after evidence of his involvement in this accusation was proven with evidence, and after the investigations of the investigations matched the statements of the victim.

The prosecution also confronted the dentist who harassed the men with the accusation evidence, including the victim’s account.

On Wednesday evening, the opposition judge at the Dokki Misdemeanor Court in Giza renewed the detention of the dentist accused of forcibly defaming the men, for 15 days pending investigations conducted by the Public Prosecution.

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