Petroleum sources: Announcing the decision of the Gasoline Pricing Committee within hours


Official sources in the petroleum sector revealed that the new gasoline prices will be announced within hours after the meeting of the automatic pricing committee for petroleum products.

The sources added, in exclusive statements to Al-Youm Al-Sabea, that the committee discussed all the reports received about the developments in international oil prices during the past three months and the exchange rate of the dollar against the pound during the same period and concluded that there is stability in the average prices, pointing out that it is decided. That the committee’s decision is closer to fixing prices, especially since there are no active factors that require an increase or a change in prices.

The automatic pricing committee for petroleum products had decided to fix the prices of gasoline of all three types during the three months from (October to December) 2020, as the selling price of gasoline products of all three types was maintained at 6.25 pounds per liter of gasoline 80, and 7.50 pounds per liter of gasoline 92, and 8. 50 pounds per liter of 95 gasoline, and the selling price of diesel 6.75 per liter, according to the development that occurs to the two main determinants, which are the international price of a barrel of Brent crude, and the change in the price of the dollar against the pound, in addition to other fixed burdens and costs.

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