Pfizer announces the “important news” about its Corona virus vaccine


The statement said the tests “did not indicate a need for New fertilization To deal with emerging variables. “

At the same time, he emphasized that the alliance of the two companies “continues to monitor the emerging variables and is ready to respond”, if one of these mutations is resistance to the vaccine.

On Wednesday, Mike Ryan, head of MSF’s emergency department, said Global healthIt has to be vaccines Corona Virus They can be modified quickly, in case they become ineffective against mutated strains of the virus.

“Look at the flu. We change the vaccine formulation twice a year, for the northern and southern hemispheres, and we have the ability to produce vaccines very quickly to counter the prevalent influenza strains,” Ryan said during a session to answer questions on a social media platform, according to Reuters. “.

He added, “There is no reason, even in the future, (that prevents us from being vaccinated against Covid-19) if this virus develops to a point where our vaccines start and then loses their effectiveness … We can modify these vaccines, and I think we can quickly modify these vaccines.”

Also, on Wednesday, the World Health Organization said that the mutated Corona virus strain that appeared in Britain, is spreading today, in 70 countries, amid fears that it will be more deadly to those who catch Infection.

The list includes, 70 countries have detected infections with the new strain of Virus Until the twenty-fifth of this January.

According to the international organization, the number of regions that have registered this strain has increased by ten countries since the twelfth of countries since January 12.

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