Phobia prevented Mary Munib from visiting her native country for 47 years


Actress Mary Munib suffered from a phobia that she did not get rid of until 47 years after her life.

The beginning of the story when Mary Munib, with her mother and sister, came to Egypt as a child It exceeded the seventh month after, and did not return to its original homeland in the Levant until after 47 years of separation.

Mary’s artistic preoccupation was not the reason to postpone her visit to Beirut for that long, but rather her extreme fear of the plane and the sea, and she said about that: “I declare to the heads of testimony that I am a coward … a coward … a very cowardly one. Shawqi, and if it were not for my sweet daughter, Hoda Sultan When I came. “

And she revealed the method of persuading Hoda and Farid by saying: “Because they spoiled me and said to me: You are insulted, O marble, that you leave us alone?

و .غمMary blinked her eyes throughout the entire flight and did not open them except at Beirut airport, and said about that in an old conversation with her: “The first thing we arrived over Beirut, Hoda Sultan, overcame me by saying:“ Open your eyes, Mama. ”See Beirut, how sweet it is from the air !! My eyes were only when I did the pilot, medicine …

Response: “After the plane landed, you smelled the smell of my country, my family, and my loved ones, the origin of the blood is long, I rejoiced and cried, and the air of the air“.


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