Pictures – a family living inside a “sewer pipe” in Alexandria … and solidarity:


12:36 PM

Thursday 28 January 2021

Alexandria – Masrawy:

The Solidarity Directorate in Alexandria stated that, with the help of a philanthropist, it was able to provide housing for a family that was sheltering from the cold with a sewage pipe because there was no shelter for them.

The directorate stated in a statement: “With reference to what has been published about the humanitarian situation of a family sheltering with a large pipe in the street and taking shelter for themselves, and in cooperation with civil society, the Khalik Positive Association moved to meet the urgent need of this family for a home in cooperation with a philanthropist who rented an apartment for the family, while working on Provide them with the necessities. “

The Directorate indicated in a statement on its official page on the social networking site Facebook that it will provide all security services while continuing cooperation with civil society to protect this family and support it socially, economically and healthily.

Pictures of a family sheltering inside a sewage pipe were spread because there was no home for them, and the head of the family worked in collecting garbage, and with the tightness of the situation, and after he and his children lived in a room whose owner needed it, he could not find a place to stay other than the “sewage pipe”.

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