Pictures – In the appearance of Nader Jamal, wife of Hani Salama, attracts attention


Some celebrities keep their family members out of the media and social media. This is what Egyptian artist Hany Salama does, as his wife rarely appears next to him.

However, the activists on the sites were able to monitor and publish a picture of them. And in it, the artist and his wife, Brahan al-Sharif, appeared in full elegance. The wife drew attention to her beauty, and many observers saw that it was natural and did not undergo any cosmetic modifications.

It is noteworthy that Brahan became associated with the artist after getting to know her at a mutual friends gathering. They married in November 2006 and have two daughters, Maryam and Malika.

It is known that Salama had caused a stir in the artistic community earlier, after he stated in one of the meetings that he refused to marry an actress because of bold scenes. He made it clear that he would like his wife to be devoted to taking care of the family.

It is reported that he is preparing to film the series “Between Heaven and Earth” in the middle of this month, i.e. January (2021), noting that the work is based on a novel by the famous writer Naguib Mahfouz.


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