Pictures | Verbal altercations and intertwining hands at the funeral of Muhammad al-Saghir, but


1:39 PM

Friday, January 29, 2021

Photography – Hani Ragab:

The funeral of the famous hairdresser, Mohamed Al-Sagheer, witnessed verbal altercations and a clash of hands, due to the desire of the family and friends of the late to prevent filming the funeral.

The funeral prayer was performed for the young man in the Sultan Hussein Mosque on Salah Salem Road, with the participation of a large number of his fans and friends, who were keen to console his family, and the artist Amir Karara was keen to attend.

The artist, Ahmed El Sakka, announced the death of the famous hairdresser, Mohamed Al Sagheer, the father of his wife, the broadcaster Maha Al Saghir.

Al-Sakka posted the picture of the young man through his account on the Instagram site, commenting: “He passed away to the mercy of God, my father and dear Mr. Muhammad Al-Sagheer. Please pray for him.”

Al-Saghir is the most famous hairdresser, who dealt with top stars in Egypt and the Arab world, and days before his departure, he suffered from infection with the Corona virus, and was transferred to intensive care, in which he spent his last days.


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