Pictures | “With alcohol and a fist” .. Hassan Al-Raddad receives condolences in Wa


4:08 PM

Sunday 10 January 2021

Damietta – Muhammad Ibrahim:

I wrote – Mona Al-Moji:

The funeral ceremony for Fadia Al-Raddad, the mother of artist Hassan Al-Raddad, ended a short while ago in his hometown in Damietta Governorate, after performing the funeral prayer for her in Amr bin Al-Aas mosque, after Sunday afternoon.

Al-Raddad received condolences in his mother in front of the cemeteries of his family, and kept a voice chanting and warning the attendees that the condolences should be with the sign “attributed to consultation”, without shaking hands, and there was a person next to Al-Raddad who was keen to sterilize the latter’s hand with alcohol whenever someone shook hands. Al-Raddad used his fist to receive Condolences, and other times by placing his hand on his chest, as an expression of gratitude to the mourners.

The imam of the mosque was to emphasize the importance of spacing and commitment during the funeral, as part of the precautionary measures taken to prevent the Corona virus.

Then the body was placed in the car, and the mourners followed him on their feet, among them was her son, Hassan al-Raddad.

Al-Raddad had announced the news of his mother’s death a few hours earlier, confirming that she would be buried in Damietta Governorate.

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