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The call that Ms. Lamis El Hadidy made in her TV program on the TV channel with the head of the company executing the “Eye of Cairo” project at the entrance to the Zamalek neighborhood automatically revealed that there is a side to the project related to public money, because the company’s president said in his call that his company had acquired the project By direct order, and because he refused to disclose the value of the contract with Cairo Governorate!

This contact in the program must represent an open invitation to the courageous members of the House of Representatives. Perhaps the file takes its way there in search of an answer to two bewildered questions, the first of which is why the direct order in a project whose investments amount to 500 million pounds, and the second is why hide the value of the contract with the governorate ?!

These are two questions related to the sanctity of public money, and the purpose behind their presentation is not to accuse anyone of anything, but the transparency that the President calls for on every occasion requires that the entire project file go to the House of Representatives quickly, and we find an answer to the question of the direct order, and then to the question of value Hidden nodes so that the case does not remain pending, and so as not to remain a subject of confused question among people!

Then there is a third question about the absence of the issue in its entirety from the parliament, although it has turned into a public opinion issue over the past days! .. Where is the parliament deputy in the Zamalek district within his electoral district, and why did he not grab the issue and push him to the council hall to fulfill his right of accountability Parliamentarism, which is an original work of Parliament ?!

How does the governorate decide to establish a project of this size at an entrance from which people reach the Gezira Club, the tower, the opera, the Gezira Youth Club, the Marriott Hotel, the neighborhood schools, its colleges, its homes, and all of its facilities ?! … Has the governorate thought about all of this while supporting the project with the matter? Al-Mubasher?! … And did you envision the shape of the entrance to Zamalek after the establishment of the project ?! … And did you imagine the shape of the entrance, which would be suffocated by the cars stacked up from Zamalek to Tahrir Square, passing through the Qasr El Nil Bridge ?! … And do you know how long the car queue is at the present time on the Nile? Up to the opera in front of the Al-Ahly Club, and how long will it be after the new project is established in this particular place ?!

This is a project that will remain idle in the lack of adequate study .. This is the file of its natural place in Parliament, which, according to the text of the constitution, must be monitored and questioned!

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