Pyramids coach for players: facing Al-Ahly, life or death


Argentine Rodolfo Aruabarina, the technical director of the first football team at the Pyramids Club, spoke with the players about the next Al-Ahly confrontation scheduled for 7:30 pm next Tuesday at the Air Defense Stadium, within the tenth round of the Premier League competition..

Aruabarina stressed on his team’s players the need to focus during the confrontation of the Red Genie and work on achieving victory to become a new start in the League competition, stressing that facing Al-Ahly is a “life or death” for the Pyramids team, in the event of victory and seizing the three points from the championship leader and disrupting his career, which will restore hope. For the heavenly team to re-enter the competition, but in the event of a loss or a draw, the matter will increase and the Pyramids will lose a very large percentage of hope in the competition for the title this season due to the widening of the points difference.

The technical director asked the players to take advantage of Al-Ahly’s loophole and its confusion in the first half, as happened in the face of the recent contractors, and the mountain wolves scored two goals in the red net in the first half, pointing out that if Pyramids took the initiative, the task would be difficult for Al-Ahly.

Aruabarina refused to give the players a negative rest after a draw with Smouha with a goal for each of them, in the match that brought them together last Friday, at Alexandria Stadium in the ninth round of the Premier League competition, as Pyramids went into their collective training normally on Saturday in preparation for the Al-Ahly confrontation..

Al-Ahly is top of the league with 20 points, while Pyramids are in fifth place with 13 points.


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