Real Madrid’s “opportunistic” plan to take Hakimi back


The Italian club was unable to pay the down payment for the deal Ashraf Hakimi On schedule, which was valued at 10 million euros, was due in December.

The “AS” newspaper reported on the Italian “Corriore dello Sport” that the situation is between Inter Milan andReal Madrid He became “conflicted”, pointing out that it is possible for the royal club to be able to recover its player.

Initially, it was agreed between the two giants to extend the payment period for the first installment until the 30th of next March, and this date is due to the fact that laws prohibit the participation of any club in European competitions if it has unpaid debts to any other club..

And currently he is suffering Inter Milan From financial problems, due to stadium closures and greatly reduced revenues, since the outbreak of a virus Corona Novelty.

The Italian newspaper confirmed that Real Madrid had been waiting for a series of guarantees before Italian clubTo make sure that this value is paid on the new date, but the Inter Milan management considered that these guarantees are “not necessary”, given that an agreement was reached on this date based on a document.

As for the management of the Spanish club, they see that the new date “is no longer valid,” or in other words, they do not think that Inter Milan is able to implement the agreement concluded regarding Hakimi’s transfer deal, so he will work. The royal club To take measures to restore his player and consolidate the right-back position, according to the Spanish newspaper “AS”.

Despite the difficulties that Hakimi faced in Milan, during the first months, he became a main pillar in the Antonio Conte battalion this season, and he managed to score 6 goals, make 5, and book a seat on the right front, especially since his wonderful performance was essential in the club’s second place in the league ItalianAccording to what was reported by “AS”.

Last July, Real Madrid announced the sale of its player Hakimi to Inter Milan for 40 million euros, so that the Moroccan would sign a contract until June 30, 2025..

Hakimi’s move to the “blue and black” giant came after he played two seasons with Borussia Dortmund, during which he starred, as he scored 12 goals and made 17 other assists, during his participation in 73 matches in all local and European competitions..

It is noteworthy that Real Madrid is currently suffering after losing two titles in one week, following the elimination of the semi-finals of the Spanish Super Cup at the hands of Athletic Bilbao, and then bid farewell to the King’s Cup of Spain by Alcoiano, who plays in the third division.


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