Reda Shehata explains Walter Bwalias “flaw” after moving to Al-Ahly


Reda Shehata, coach of the football team at El Gouna, spoke about Walter Bwalya, a Zambian who has recently transferred to the club. Ahly.

Al-Ahly had announced a contract with Walter Bwalia, coming from the ranks of El Gouna, for 4 seasons to support the team.

Reda Shehata said in televised statements on Ontime Sports:Walter Bowalia A very distinguished player who had an influential role in the ranks of El Gouna, and his character is very good and that was shown when he got off the match lists.

And on his approval of Bwalyas departure to Al-Ahly because of his affiliation to the Red Castle?

He explained: “Bwalya I was talking to him very strongly because he has intensified his training doses, and he is distinguished by his vertical balls and good moves outside the penalty area.”

And he added: “I knew that it was difficult for Walter Bwalia to stay, especially in light of his desire to move to Al-Ahly and participate in the Club World Cup.”

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And he continued: “The negotiating player was a long time ago, but I worked on it two days ago, and I felt that he wanted to leave very much and Bwalia deserves the amount that was paid for, but I do not know the real value of the deal.”

He concluded: “He had previously received offers from the Gulf at the beginning of the current season, but it was agreed that he would stay with the team until the end of the first round.”

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