Regulating communications: 250,000 complaints from mobile service subscriptions


The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority blew up, surprisingly, by announcing the launch of a unified code for mobile subscribers, to cancel free subscription to the services of telecommunications companies, which were carried out without their consent, through code # 155 *, and Engineer Hussam El-Gamal, CEO of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, reveals the reason for launching this new service.

Hossam Al-Gamal told Al-Youm Al-Sabea that the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority received numerous complaints from customers of mobile companies, about imposing discounts for services they did not subscribe to, in exchange for the mobile companies confirming that customers subscribe to the services in question upon their request, so the device launched code # 155 * To settle the matter between the customer and the service provider.

Al-Jamal added that the total complaints made by mobile customers from subscribing to services without their consent amounted to about 250 thousand complaints during the last 6 months, and about one million and 250 thousand were returned to customers from mobile companies, 22% of them for canceling the subscription to the service without their knowledge, according to a previous report The device published it on its website.

According to the data of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the number of mobile phone subscribers reached 96.2 million by the end of August 2020, Vodafone acquires the largest percentage of the total number of subscribers with 39.1 million subscriptions, followed by Orange with 27.7 million subscriptions, then Telecom Egypt 20.5 million Participation. According to the latest data of WE company, issued last November, the number of its subscribers reached about 7.1 million customers.


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