Report .. How does “Brexit” affect the dream of “Premier League” for Egyptians?


Playing in the Premier League remains a dream for many Egyptians, but with the change of the work permit system in the most famous league in the world, the Egyptian player has to comply with a number of conditions in order to play in the foggy countries.

The English Premier League was known over the course of the twentieth century by a number of players who moved directly to it from the Egyptian league, most notably Amr Zaki, Mohamed Shawky, Ramadan Sobhi, and Ahmed Hegazy, but now new rules will have to be followed.

Every player from outside England, including European Union countries, must obtain the approval of the “approval of the governing body” of English football in order to agree to grant him a work permit for a club, and this matter depends on a set of criteria governed by several tables, which we will try to explain below. :

First: International participation. This clause may allow the player to transfer without regard to any other considerations, if he has a participation rate with his country – during the last two years – which ranks less than 50 among the world teams, from 1 to 10 the player is allowed to obtain a work permit with a participation rate starting from 30 From 11 to 20 starting from 40%, from 21 to 30 starting from 60%, and from 31 to 50 starting from 70%.

As for Egypt’s current classification, which is 49 in the world, it falls into the fourth category, as 70% gives him the license directly, 60% gives him 10 points, 50% 8 points, 40% 7 points, and 30% 6 points.

By reviewing the points, we have to clarify that unless the player receives a direct permit through international matches, he must collect 15 points from the six tables in order to transfer to one of the English Premier League clubs.

Second: Points according to local participation: The Egyptian League was placed in the 6 category in this matter, which means that participation in 90% of the possible minutes gives the player two points, and participation in 80% gives one point.

Third: Continental minutes: The CAF Champions League is classified within the third category, which means that if a player participates in 90% of the matches, he gets two points, and one point for those who participate in 80%.

Fourth: The final standings in the local league: The Egyptian league falls into the sixth category, and accordingly, the player gets one point in the event of crowning the title.

Fifthly: the continental level of the player’s team: If the club that the player plays for reaches the final of the Champions League or Confederation, he can get two points, and one point for the team that reached the semi-final.

Sixth: League level: If the player participates for one match with his team in the Egyptian League, he gets two points.

Based on the above, and with the presence of the Egyptian national team in the 49th world ranking as it is currently, the transfer of an Egyptian player to the English Premier League directly will be possible if he collects the largest number possible based on the tables from the second to the sixth (9 points) and participated in 30% of the team’s matches in the last Two years.

But despite all of the above, every club wishing to bring in a player will be able to request an exception from the licensing body to consider it and decide whether to bring the player or not.


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