Report: The overall effectiveness of the Chinese “Corona Vaccine” vaccine did not exceed 60 percent in Brazil’s trials


Report: the overall effectiveness of the vaccine

Reuters / FW1F / Chizu Nomiyama

Chinese Coronavac Vaccine

The Brazilian UOL network quoted two informed sources as saying that the general effectiveness of the “Corona Vacc” vaccine developed by the Chinese company “Sinovac Biotech” did not exceed 60 percent during clinical trials in Brazil.

Meanwhile, the Botantan Medical Center in Sao Paulo said the UOL report contained “pure speculation”.

The center, which has partnered with “Sinovac Biotec” to produce the vaccine in Brazil, added that it plans to publish the results of the public event on Tuesday.

Brazil and Indonesia, which have the highest number of cases of the disease in Latin America and Southeast Asia, are preparing to start launching the Chinese vaccine this month.

Many countries are closely monitoring the results of the vaccine’s effectiveness to start large-scale vaccinations, after Turkish researchers said in December that the vaccine had shown an effectiveness of 91.25 percent based on preliminary data.

Source: “Reuters”


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